In early March of 2017, PremierFA had the pleasure to coordinate with Rocky Hill Soccer Club for a large scale training program that would consist of multiple facets of training for over 2 months. In that time frame Rocky Hill soccer players were pushed through agility, strength, speed, endurance and many other types of training. The sessions were always different but one thing was always guaranteed: intensity. If you weren't there to watch your child perform, simply speak these words during dinner and see their response: "If you don't do the dishes after dinner, you get Diego Time."

The athletes were special. Some were new to the sport and had never worked with a coach before let alone a performance trainer. Others were strong athletes playing at some of the highest levels of soccer in the northeast. Every one of them was a pleasure to see week after week and, more importantly, to see them grow in form, work ethic and intensity. Not one walked away without learning. And not one walked away without a special place in the history of PremierFA.

Thank you to RHSC for the opportunity. Thank you to the parents for bringing the athletes every week and having them prepared. Thank you for the positive feedback and recognition. A special thanks to my wife for supporting me. And most importantly, thank you to each and every athlete that showed up every week, worked through some of the hardest workouts they have ever experienced and grew so much. It has been a pleasure and I look forward to being involved in the growth of Rocky Hill soccer for decades to come.