It's summertime and your kid is now officially off from most responsibilities. They relax, play video games, watch YouTube, and overall just space out from the world. Periodically they clean a dish, take out the trash, or help around the yard.

The issue is that they forgot that they struggled in their sport during the school year. They were out of breath, legs or back hurt, and they just weren't as good as they thought they would have been.

As a parent, coach, and trainer, I know how important it is to help your kids with patterns that get them through life with energy, happiness, and health. Fitness is the glue that connects all of these.

So what do you do?!

Here are some simple tips to follow which also helps YOU be healthier!

  1. PUT AWAY THE TECHNOLOGY and go for a walk with the family at least 4 times a week if not daily.
  2. Make sure that they spend time with their fall sport at least 3 times a week. And if it requires a partner, be that partner!
  3. Research simple exercises, download a timer app (search Tabata) and work for 16-24 minutes twice a week.
  4. MOST IMPORTANT ::: Make a plan every Sunday for the week and stick to it. Without a plan, it is just a thought and we know it will not happen.

Let's get our kids in the best place to enjoy their individual or team sport in the fall (and any other season). They will be more confident, will perform better, and even will be less likely to be injured! The list goes on and on for the benefits so do some research, make a plan, and have a productive summer. As always, you have me here as a resource!

~Coach Diego