I hope the summer has been treating you very well with all of the wonderful weather and long days!

I deliver this message, as our final month of summer is with us, to ensure that you are setting up your young athletes for success in their fall season. Success is many things to many people although one clear and important responsibility I have is to ensure that all athletes move through the season with limited injuries, quick recovery times for those injuries, as well as being as fit and flexible as possible. So how do we make that happens with only 3-4 weeks left? Read on!


N.E.A.T. stands for Non Exercise Activity Thermogenesis which is simply the activities that we do that move the body but aren't calculated often as exercise. Examples are standing while working, reaching your step goals throughout the day, taking the stairs, dancing, carrying groceries/laundry, or even doing sit-ups during commercials. This will increase your activity levels which has been proven to improve mood, mobility, and overall health.


Can everyone benefit from walking? Yes. Can we benefit more from running? Yes but we might not be in running shape. So one of the best ways to get more activity and exercise in our lives is to go for a walk/run combo every day. Find challenging routes with hills. Go with your dog or a friend and challenge each other. Don't make the first day of soccer the first day you run!


Not sure what a tabata is, follow this link (http://www.premierfa.com/pfa/2017/7/12/one-great-way-to-workout-with-your-kids) and you will find one great way to that I love getting parents to work out with their kids!


The National Sleep Foundation lists the following tips for school-aged children:

  • Teach school-aged children about healthy sleep habits.
  • Continue to emphasize need for regular and consistent sleep schedule and bedtime routine.
  • Make child's bedroom conducive to sleep - dark, cool, and quiet.
  • Keep TV, computers, and phones out of bedroom.
  • Avoid caffeine.

To provide more insight on this information, the amount of sleep a person generally needs varies but 7-9 hours. Add on the fact that we have young athletes and that number needs to increase. If you aren't sleeping and your results are suffering, start to make a better effort. Technology should also be put away far before the eyes close. As for caffeine, this is an entirely other story as there are studies that show caffeine has a dramatically positive impact to the body even of young people but the studies are too mixed to provide any personal opinion yet.


Make sure that your child is getting back into their fall sport. Watch videos of highlights, get outside and play, and definitely make sure your cleats still fit.

As usual, I am here for a resource should you need it. Be wonderful, stay happy, and work hard!

~Coach Diego