PremierFA is proud to stand behind our LGBT community with commemorative shirts to show that we stand with those that struggle with any form of inequality. Please visit this form to get one for yourself!

Pride Shirts Order Form

Hello PremierFA family! Together we face a world that is engulfed in hate, war and discord. As we touch base with our consultants on media imaging, it is brought to our attention that it would be good to keep personal views away from company views. We are not ones to hide our true vision for your kids and we would not do so for the parents either. Without the support of our gay friends, family members, and coaches, PremierFA would not be the proud company that it is today. Celebrate your differences. Don't let the world define you. Wear the style you want. Have your hair how you want. And remember to hold your head up high knowing that PremierFA is behind you with pride, power, and love.