Triathlon Training Without Comparison

Triathlons are intimidating to most. At any distance, the swim, bike, and run combination has been reserved for the brave and those that want more than a jog around the block. You wake up early, ride 20 miles for a warm up and then hit a run. But you need guidance on how best to cross the line whether you are tackling a sprint or an Ironman triathlon. PFA is here with you.

With over 20 full Ironman triathlons, PFA Coach & Athlete Jeff Kramer has limitless energy, industry insight, and all the tools you need.


Professional Triathlon Trainer

sets the example that is hard to overlook

  • 23 time Ironman Finisher
    • including Kona 2009
  • 7 time flat start Marathon Finisher
    • Boston Qualifier 2003,2009
  • 4 year Division I Collegiate Swimmer, CCSU
  • Countless Sprint and Olympic Triathlons
  • Bachelor of Science in Education, CCSU
  • Master of Science, Physical Education, CCSU
  • CIAC Certified High School & Middle School Coach (multi-sport)
    • Cross-country
    • Basketball
    • Baseball
    • Soccer
  • New England Saints Swim Team
  • Newington Bike Swim Club


  • Worldwide accessible triathlon program.
  • Full mentoring from A-Z. Your entire 4 months triathlon program is built with you in mind whether you are looking to just finish or whether you want to crush a PR.
  • Recommended for any dedicated athletes looking for a realistic and reasonable training program that eliminates fluff and is centered on results.
  • One to two weekly remote training sessions with your coach utilizing video conferencing software to analyze, correct, and push you on your own bike (indoor trainer required).
  • Daily communication as needed by the athlete addressing questions, feedback, or progress.
  • *NEW* Progressive home & fitness center workouts from PFA Strength & Agility founder, Coach Diego. Now coordinating strength building and custom body sculpting. Program includes nutritional coaching and analysis.*

Monthly Cost $ 200

4 months program total $ 800

Paid In Full Discounts $ 720

Monthly Cost including Coach Diego $ 250

4 months program total $1000

Paid In Full Discounts $ 900